3. Other operations on the block

Turn the engine over again and fit the big end caps - using new 12 sided nuts, torque down to 40 ft lbs.

Here a new spigot bearing is being fitted to the crankshaft using an input shaft and an old bearing as a mandrel to drive it in without damage.

The new oil pump - fitted with its drive dog......
...... new gasket on the pick up strainer, ready to be bolted to the pump....
.... like this.
Studs inserted and new gasket fitted - note the shape, this is the correct one to use in a 5 bearing engine - the other similar one belongs to the 3 bearing engine.
The cam, all coated in Graphogen, ready to be inserted......
...... gently, supporting it as it goes in to avoid nicking the cam bearings with the cam lobes.
Once in place, we can fit the oil pump.....
..... and fit the three retaining nuts & washers.
New oil seal fitted in the oil filter housing.
The oil pressure relief valve components.
Assembled, ready to go in.
Compressing the spring the inch or so to get the thread started is quite easy here - less so when the engine is in the car!
Tightened up .


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